11 Days of Self-Love Mantra

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self-love mantraOur words make a difference. Spend a few minutes right now to listen to your state of mind, to any hurt or frustration you are experiencing. Now, what small phrase or mantra can you say that will support, nourish and encourage that part of you that needs a little love.

Starting on Friday, for 11 days, I invite you to take less than a minute when you first wake up to place you hand over your heart and speak your loving mantra out loud to yourself. Then take three deep breaths, in and out, and allow your words of love to soak in and wash over you.

If you would like to share your moments on instagram you can use #11dayselflovemantra, I would love to witness and share this journey with you.

Leave a comment with your loving mantra or just let me know you are joining in.

I will share my mantra on Friday.

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