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Starting on the Spring Equinox, I woke up each day and repeated a mantra that my heart needed to hear. Then I took three deep breaths in and out to let it soak in.

“I am enough.”

My mantra supported me as I stretched outside my comfort zone.

My mantra calmed me as I struggled through a morning after my son’s short-lived illness during the night.

My mantra reminded me of my strength and abilities when I doubted.

My mantra allowed me to be imperfect and be in ease during the messy.

I hope that if you joined me during the 11 days you were able to see how your mantra supported you.

You don’t have to stop or feel like you missed out. Choose today to start a self-love mantra and see what happens. Pay attention to how you feel. Change up your mantra everyday if that is what you need. There are no rules, just love.

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