It Was Time to Live Boldly

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time-to-liveGreat Horned Owl mask: Masked Enchantment

When you stand at the edge of your current comfort and gaze into the unknown, how does your body react or feel?

I am beginning to retrain my mind in how it reacts when I face fear. Fears that are coming up with healthy risks and life changes, nothing life threatening. I used to run away and hide whenever I felt fear. Now, slowly, I am trying to face it. To understand that it’s message is not one of danger but of not understanding what lies ahead. Fear is showing me of my current state of mind, not my future one. I am learning to lean into the strong winds of fear to see what is on the other side.

Ignoring my fear would rob my landscape of the shadows that allow the light to stand out. Those moments that catch my breath because I made it through.

So the next time you are feeling fearful, it is okay to acknowledge it. To learn from it. But don’t let it hold you back from the life you want.

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