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I say to my heart:
rave on.
Mary Oliver, Thirst

I’m not a natural writer. My thoughts swirl and often land in a jumble. I have moments of brilliance in my head as I weed and water my garden, wash dishes, and other simple tasks. But when I sit down to document them into complete thoughts they vanish or lack the power they once had. And so I don’t blog for weeks on end. I second guess what words I have to offer.

Every time I sit to write with a topic in mind that relates to my “business” but leave out my daily life it is unsuccessful. Now, I understand why. As an artist I am influenced, inspired and molded by my daily life. The plants I tend, the children I love, my marriage, the time I spend creating anything: these are the elements of my life that bring vitality to me and my work. That is what tenacious lace is all about. Gathering together what brings vitality to me and being tenacious enough to live this beautiful, unique life.

What I offer to you now is an authentic, imperfect view into this artist’s mind. I will begin to write about my life with love of being open and to connect with others that can relate to parts of my life. I wish to bring love and honesty to the circle. I hope you will take a moment and share something too.

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