What Draws You In?

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plantain and calendula seed heads

Hello beautiful!

One thing I have been working on is a Creative Courage Workshop.┬áIt is a free workshop that explores gifts and how to create a life/business that allows you to bloom. I’ve already begun to make choices to allow me to share my passion for creating art but I want to continue to fine tune my business and how I share my heart. Amanda Aitken has already brought up so many ideas for me to explore further but one point she encouraged was to allow those things that draw you in be more a part of your life.

and so, I share one of my fascinations….

For me, I instantly thought about my love and great interest in medicinal herbs. One of the first herbs or some consider a weed would be the plantain. Back in 2011 I began to learn about plantain and how it could be chewed up and placed on a wasp sting and would take away the pain and swelling. Growing up in the city and not having a wise woman showing me these ways, I have been wary of acting on my herbal learning. But when my son was stung just after learning about plantain, I searched my yard and prepared it for him. It worked quickly and my deeper relationship with healing herbs began. Over the years I have found a teacher that opens her farm up once a year to offer free classes. I have devoured books and planted a medicinal herb garden. I talk with my plants and sit in silence in their presence. I clear weeds from their roots and take morning walks around my gardens to check on them.

Soon, I will embark on a photography project that has been with me for years that I hope will honor the wisdom I have learned from herbs. And so my fascination with healing herbs and my art join together. It is there that I am content and full of joy.

I would love for you to share something that draws you in. I’m listening.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.

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