A Beginner’s Mind

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Today marks the first day of the TERRAfit challenge. I’m excited to learn some new healthy habits such as eating more vegetables, cutting out cane sugar and other sugars found in processed food, drinking more water and working out.

But I did not come to this challenge easily. I went through an emotional rollercoaster that was triggered mostly by the food guidelines. The guidelines are really good ones but the idea of cutting out food was hard.  I’ve been eating mostly gluten free for years, which was a tough switch. I loved breads and pasta! I also loved cheese. As I began to pay closer attention to how my body felt when I ate gluten and dairy, I noticed that my body was not well when I ate them. I was incredibly tied up in the “I want my share, if you get to have it.” So for a long time I would “cheat” and feel a moment’s satisfaction but my body’s reaction to my “fair share” lasted a lot longer. I had to make a choice and so I began making choices that supported my body rather than work against it.

This is my next step to support my body the way it needs because I can see that my body needs more strength to function with ease in activities that I love; gardening, playing with my kids, hiking, dancing.

I’m okay with being a beginner at working out. I’ve learned over the last eight years that being a beginner is a fresh start and having a new perspective. It’s not easy but I WANT it! I want my body to be well and strong and able. I’m not trying to meet others ideas of ‘fit’ but one where my body feels good.

I need to share this journey for my sake and maybe it will encourage you too to seek your own body’s wellness, whatever that looks like.  If you have questions, please leave a comment or send me a message, I’d love to hear from you.

I’m on instagram if you want to watch this journey unfold.



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