A Message for Introverts

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Today, I wanted to reach out to those of you who have not felt accepted and labeled as shy. You most likely grew up with statements that you needed to get out more, to speak up and overheard conversations of concern because you did have many friends. It is difficult, especially when you can’t explain it, for others to understand that you need smaller groups to feel comfortable and deep connection with a few people over a large community of friends. Time alone recharges you and you need ample time to prepare for social interactions. It may surprise extroverts to know that introverts can be outgoing and even boisterous when we feel safe or have a reason to put ourselves “out there” and though rewarding, we will still seek quiet and solitude to recoup.

If you relate to these scenarios, welcome. You are in like company and I am grateful you found your way here. When I create a vision board about my goals and dreams during the new moon, I choose images that are peaceful and calming but my wording is often powerful and stretching. You may see a similarity in my posts and I believe they stem from the desire to live a life of vitality yet ground myself in “peace, quiet and tranquility.” Each of us have a way of expressing ourselves and I hope you will choose to connect with me however you feel comfortable.


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