about me

Hey there, I’m Lynnette.

My deepest wish for this space would be that it reminds you how irreplaceable you are and encourages you to weave your unique passions into your days. By doing so, you will be sharing your voice, light, love and magic with the world, one day at a time. My passion is to see my online and local community thriving and living with vitality.

It has taken me the last ten years, to shed and release so much fear of not being enough, of expectations and judgements that left me unsure of who I was. I retreated in a long sleep of doubt and discovered what brought me joy and unearthed my intuition. Now, I am digging my roots deeper and facing long held fears to show up fully as the sensitive and intuitive woman that I am.

Creating Tenacious Lace gave me the opportunity to lace together my passions. To share them with those of you who are seeking a life that is deeper and full of magic. To encourage you to seek out nourishing tools and community that light you up inside and being tenacious about weaving them into your life.

As a creative explorer and advocate for living a life of vitality, my main sources of expression come through my artwork and connection with those who relate to my journey as a highly-sensitive introvert who yearns for deeper connections with the natural world and those that I meet.

My first creative love was for photography which came at a young age but one moment I will never forget was seeing a black and white image appear as if by magic in a darkroom filled with red light. That moment confirmed my need to continue to capture the world around me and share it. As an artist, I find I need to stretch myself and learn new ways of expressing my passion to create. I strive to draw attention to the magical beauty of life that surrounds us every day. My favorite things reflect this: wood and rocks that have been shaped by the adventure of life, feathers and dandelion fluff that dance in the air, plants that bring healing and simple beauty to my day, and the ritual of grasping a hot cup of coffee and breathing in the fragrance of a deep, rich morning full of possibilities.

My journey with essential oils and natural solutions began 8 years ago when I became a mother and with my midwife’s guidance supported my little boy as he recovered from a safe, home-birth. And although my children have been my driving force to learn how to care for them, there was a moment just as profound yet simple that changed how I saw healthcare.

When my Sister-in-law began her journey into motherhood she chose to have home births. This choice was new to me and at the time I thought, “Good for you.” But that moment, was when my mind stored away the idea that I had a choice when it came to giving birth to my children.  When the time came for me to have children, I had a choice. I prepared myself to go to the hospital if there was an emergency, but planned for a natural homebirth with support from my amazing midwife and brought my children into the world in the comfort of my home.

I share this story with you because the same is true for our healthcare. We have the technology today in our hospitals to do amazing procedures to save lives and I am truly grateful. We rely on our medical professionals for emergencies and care that I could not provide my children otherwise, but I also have the choice to take care of my family and myself with natural solutions first.

“Wellness seeks more than the absence of illness; it searches for new levels of excellence. Beyond any disease-free neutral point, wellness dedicates its efforts to our total well-being – in body, mind, and spirit.” -Greg Anderson

I hope Tenacious Lace will provide you with resources and encouragement to begin your own journey to wellness and vitality. If you have a similar passion to see your community thrive, please contact me to schedule a vitality consult and join me in sharing, teaching and inspiring others toward wellness.

I’m honored that you would gather here with me. Please take a moment and send me a message about you. I dearly believe we can create a ripple of love just by reaching out to each other in the small moments of our day.

Fly you high,