DIY Vision Boards

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diyvisionboards Today I am sharing this very simple yet valuable tool of creating a vision board, that I have been using in my life for several years. I was introduced to this idea in a lonely time of my life with young babes to care for but without much of a circle to support that time of my life. I felt withdrawn and voiceless, not sure what value I had in the world. I now have a pile of journals filled with vision pages and vision boards too big to fit into drawers but too valuable to throw away. This New Moon tomorrow is a special one and we celebrate the Spring Equinox. What a feeling of newness and getting a fresh start! Join me in creating a vision board or page using the simple steps below to guide your actions and live the life of your dreams.

– old calendar or other recycled item to glue everything on and hang up
– magazines, junk mail, quotes you like (try to recycle magazines from the library before they get thrown out)
– scissors, but not absolutely necessary
– glue stick (I think this works better than liquid glue but whatever you have use it)
– at least an hour to search, cut out and glue your vision board together

Now comes the fun part. I like to put music on, plug in twinkle lights, light some candle, have something warm or special to drink. You don’t need all of that but it creates a sacredness to my time that I deeply value.

What do you do now? You can think about a certain dream or goal or just be open to what piques your interest as you go through your magazines and junk mail. Now dive in! Cut out images and words. Be open to the process. You may not keep everything that you cut out, that is okay. Just have fun! Once you feel like you are ready to start pasting, you can play with it all before or just start gluing it together. Remember there is no right way to do this. You can have oodles of blank space or layer it all until it is all covered. That is up to you and you alone.

Vision Board Process


1. gather materials

2. create a sacred space

3. focus on a dream or goal or just be open to what comes

4. browse, cut out image or word(s) *repeat

5. layout your findings so you can see everything

6. using your calendar page start to glue your vision board together

7. once complete, hang up in a space you visit often

On the Thursday evening closest to the New Moon, I invite women in my community to circle so that we may encourage one another. That we may have a safe place to share our dreams and goals and create vision boards that will guide us during the next few weeks. Perhaps you would like to invite some people in your life to vision too. It’s simple and a great way to build deeper relationships.

Wishing you a beautiful Spring and a magical New Moon!

*Here is some more information on The New Moon/Solar Eclipse: a Time for embracing Greater Freedom by Chris Zydel

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