He Spoke of My Dreams

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listen, my sister, listen:
it is time to follow
your heart’s desire
for time
does not
hold out
as long
as you might
so waste not
this precious time
on the desires
of others
when yours
is yours
a reason.

My husband and I watched from our porch as a robin in a close-by tree, called out to those who would listen. Persistent as a crow, it gave us warning of wasting time on things that did not matter to us. To choose for our days, what our hearts love. Listening and watching, it sang about living for your own desires not for what others dream and live for.

Then in a blink of an eye the robin dashed from it’s perch in the tree, chased by a hawk. Quickly they danced in the air for freedom, for sustenance. Coming straight for us, the two winged messengers pulled up. But in that instant the robin crashed into our home and quickly was gone.

He rests now in a sacred space, blessed and honored.

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