Healing Water

wind chime detail

constant, quiet rain
soaking, renewing
healing water
on the earth
that still hold scars
of the heat and fire

The last two weeks I have been working on a wind chime.  As I strung each bead, I wished for a year of healing water, to bring life back to our area where fires flared all across the state. Rain begins a chain reaction of life returning. New green emerges, earth is held in place, animals have living food, birds homes in the trees and bushes, air is cleaned and water sources renewed.

As the rain fell today I gave thanks for the healing water.

“Healing Water” wind chime is a mix between a dreamcatcher, prayer flag and wind chime. Our wishes and prayers for healing rain collect in the lace and trickle down to the bells like water. As the wind blows it releases these wishes and sends them off into the clouds.

Healing Water will be sent with light and love. May rain bring relief for the living plants, animals and people as it soaks into the earth and fills our rivers, streams and other sources of water.

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