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Yesterday, I was excited to be able to share some surprise mail with someone I didn’t know. It was one of those facebook posts that I guess gets around. I don’t feel like the people involved were being misleading or had anything up their sleeve and I joined in…for a few hours. I even had a couple people ready to join me. But one of them brought an article to my attention and though I was not too concerned at the time, as I slept my mind and heart must of been. I woke at 2:22 in the morning and I was divided and couldn’t continue. I reached out to the people I needed to and went back to sleep with the peacefulness that comes with being whole because I listened to the concerns of my heart.

Here is where you come in. I think sharing a bit of love with someone else through a gift exchange would still be a great idea. So, if you are interested in forming a small circle with other women to exchange a gift, contact me on facebook and we can all decide how to proceed.  – Light and Love to you all.


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