Stepping Back

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I step slowly over the dew wet grass.
My Springtime ritual that starts my day.

I have felt disconnected and I long to feel that intimate quiet of belonging to my day. Like many, I have created a habit of checking in on social networks online throughout my day and getting distracted by a multitude of videos, images and witty words. I have read heart aching news reports and inspirational stories. As a highly sensitive person I find there are times I need to step back and take time to hear my own thoughts.

This week I made a choice to take a break from one social circle so that I can find those intimate moments to connect with my heart. The hardest part of stepping back from online networks for me is the instant feedback from others that I have grown to trust and respect.

I hope over the next three months this stepping back will show me how to take steps in other directions of deeper connection. To come here and share my journey. To take those slow, grounding steps as I create and tend what is right in front of me.

One way I support my intention to live a wild, intimate year is to collect inspiration on a pinterest board. As a visual person I find it a quick way to remind me of what will bring those feelings to my days.

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